Puppies go from our laps to yours.


Occasionally we do have rescue dogs available for adoption. Our main concern as dog breeders & lovers is for the health & happiness of all dogs. All dogs deserve a loving human home to permanently live in. And all humans deserve the love of a wonderful dog.





Poor Little Muffin was a mess when we found her. She was filthy & matted to the skin. Her ears were infected, she was under weight, & afraid of her own shadow.  We purchased her, immediately took her to our vet, & then to our groomer the same day we found her. In the 2 months in our home she gained weight, became an active part of our household, was potty trained, & became a cuddly lap dog. We found an absolutely wonderful home for her with a retired lady in Utah.




Sadie was a sad situation. She was only 10 months old with a litter of 8 puppies already. She was very skinny, filthy, & chained in a yard with 4 inches of snow & ice on the ground. She was afraid of everything & everyone. It literally broke my heart to see such a sweet little dog being treated this way.  We purchased her, took her home, bathed her, fed her, took her to our vet, & loved her. She gained weight, became house trained, & got along well with our dogs. Two months later we found her a wonderful home with a retired gentleman in Utah who absolutely adores her.





Spike was a schnauzer-mix shelter dog that we rescued from scheduled euthanasia. He had been passed from home to home all of his life before we permanently took him into our home. Spike loved his new home with us. And he absolutely adored my 2 little granddaughters. But mainly he was my husband's dog & best friend. They would watch TV & take naps together. He was Daddy's boy through & through. We had him 5 years before he passed away.