Puppies go from our laps to yours.




We are very happy! Mabel is a great and such a smart dog! Will send pics!  The Hansen Family, Las Vegas, Nevada



Lola is such a sweetheart! She is so full of love, so gentle, and the best cuddlier. She has brought even more happiness into our home. Thank you Bonnie Blue Doodles for giving Lola such a great start and bringing her into our lives!  The Uibel Family, Utah



Good morning. We named her Bella . She is adjusting to life here in Idaho and we are adjusting to her! She is full of life and as curious as they come.  I will send you some photos. Thanks, Rick and Kathy


July 9, 2010

Jodi ...
Thank you so much for Kylie, she’s a wonderful little girl and we couldn’t ask for a better puppy.  She’s truly a joy for us!!!

Deb Grier, Foxtail Ridge Labradoodles



Dear Jodi;
Thank you for your adorable Christmas card.  I hope all is well with you and your family.  Annie is doing great!  She is the calmest quietest poodle there is.  She is such a cuddle-baby.  She just got a hair cut. (a bit too short for my taste~~but as they say it will grow).  She has always been healthy and active, yet ready to snuggle at the end of the day.  She is just wonderful.  She is loved by all kids, because of her sweet quiet nature.  Even kids who are afraid of dogs LOVE Annie.  We, of course, are her biggest fans!  Everyone is always amazed at the story of how she came all the way from Salt Lake City, Utah.  Just goes to show it was meant to be!
Diane & Bob


Tammie                    11-25-2009

We decided to name her Lexi. She is so wonderful. Thank you for such a great puppy.

Jodie she is beautiful. 





Hi Jodi,

I just realized I never let you know how well Gem is doing! She's a lot different in personality from Scout and Stuart and I are anxious to see what kind of dog she'll be. Last night my sister brought over their toy poodle puppy to play. We quickly realized how Gem likes to rough-house, but backed off when the much smaller poodle whined and cried. My nephew fed her a piece of his pizza and we all paid the bitter price of Gem's delicate digestive system. No human food for dogs!

I'll take some photos of her tonight.

Hope all is well, Cherie



Hi Jodi,
Just touching base to say "hi" from Casper.  He is growing so fast and is such a sweet, playful pup.  Quite the personality.  I will try to attach a picture so you can see what he looks like at 10 weeks of age.  He's been meeting lots of people and this weekend hope to introduce him to some dogs of close friends - want to make sure he a well socialized pup.
Take care.  Genie



    I thought you might want a little update on Fanta.  We have really enjoyed her so much.  I was so worried that the potty training would push me over the edge of sanity as I am somewhat fussy about my home and often short on time but that just hasn't been the case.  She has been fairly easy to train.  We take her out about every 2-3 hours and she always potties.  We have only had 3 carpet accidents but I really think that she is understanding that we go potty outside. She is finally getting used to sleeping in her crate at night.   I am amazed at how smart she is.  We have even trained her to stay on her bed in the kitchen unless we allow her off.  I am actually sad about how rapidly she is growing because I just love to have her on my lap and I know one day she is just going to be to big. She has just fit in with our lives seamlessly.  I have just fallen so in love with her. I know she is going to be the perfect dog for our family.  Also, I she is getting some brown spots on the tops of her ears so I think they might turn brown too which will just be so cute. 
Angela Ovard



Hi Jodi,
We wanted to send you a picture of Bailey.  She's settling in very  
well.  We went to the vet yesterday and everything is fine, and we're  
all set for the next month.
She is everything we could want in a dog.  She's so sweet and smart,  
and as you said, a little sassy too.  Thank you again for everything.



Remington is wonderful. I just got his hair cut because it was so long. He has a fabulous coat. When are you having puppies? I can not wait to see what you have this time.  Talk to you later    Tammie




We love our little Cocoa we got for christmas.  She  
is so smart and doing so well. We were  the Jones Family in Murray (secret identity)

Your poodle puppies are darling.



Liz:                                            01-25-2009
Stella is one of the best dogs I have ever had and I have had about 14 in my life!.


Hi Jodi,
I hope all is well. Yesterday I looked at your webpage and those Bandit/Emma puppies are almost as cute as Scout. There's one puppy with Bandit's little mask and curly coat who could melt hearts.
Anyway, I wanted to check in with you.
Scout's coat is getting darker on his back with his nose pinker. He is really the love of our lives.
Talk to you soon,


Lori:                                                     11-27-2008
I just want to express to you my appreciation for all the help and advice which you have given to me. It is all so new to me and I feel so helpless in many ways, so thanks for taking the time to enlighten me on what to do with Molly and her puppies. Thanks again for everything.



Sherry:                                         11-27-2008
Hi Jodi! Well we made it home safely on Sunday late afternoon. Scooby was the perfect passenger...almost "too perfect" (smiles). He drank a little water, and I gave him a little honey a few times. He slept alot, and just looked around from my lap, and my shoulder (he likes being up high! :) - - - -- The first night he slept alot - and did not whine at all!...he is getting used to the kids and starting to be spoiled - of course (lol)... He is very personable, and sooooooo adorable!!!!! We've taken him to a few stores with us, and of course we get alot of smiles from people or compliments on how cute he is. Thanks again for all of your help. I promise to send pics soon Have a great day! S~:)





We just wanted to Thank you for such a cute girl. She is doing great and getting used to her new home. I will send you pictures soon.

Thanks again,




Hello Jodi,
I want you to know that Allie is perfect. She is so sweet and respectful and loving. What a blessing. She was spayed last week and still a low energy puppy.
Also had in the back of my mind much interest in your new litter. We are seriously looking to have a friend for Allie if my husband will not move out on us. These breeds are
wonderful, smart, and easy going. (Mellow is adorable, also.) Are you going to breed soon with Bandit or Sassy?





Hello Jodi, I apologize for how long it has taken me to come around to email you. I have to say that my dog Bella is one of the things that bring the most joy to my life :) She is very smart, knows how to do many tricks and is super well behaved! Everybody that meets bella just falls in love with her. But Bella wouldn't be here if it wasnt for Jodi being such a great breeder. She was very helpful, especially at the beginning when I had no idea what I was doing. Bella and I now live in Pennsylvania and our two favorite things to do together is play fetch with a tennis ball chuck it toy and go to the doggie park. Anyways, I wanted to say thanks for everything! Keep doing what you are doing because its working :) Jorge









Sarah Duncan:                                   07-30-08
Hello Jodi,

This is Sarah Duncan. Not sure if you remember me, but purchased one of your puppies from the December 2007 lab litter. Hope all is well with you. I had a friend of mine recently take some pic's of Bo so I thought I would send them to you. Wasn't sure if you wanted them on your site or not. He's a great dog and I just love him to pieces. I also know how much Mark loves his little Marley. smile

Take care and best wishes smile



The Day Family:                                             06-22-2008
Jodi, Thanks again for Tandi... she has fit right in and is doing great. She sleeps at night and knows where her bed is and what the potty pads are for. We have one spot on the carpet that she likes but that is easy to deal with. She has really gotten play full and likes to call for the twins or anyone else that will throw her toy and rub her tummy. She has even won over the cats. You can tell that she has been well taken care of, all you have to do is talk to her and she calms down if she crying (and that is not very often). She knows that someone is not too far away. We are going to take some photos and we will sent them to you and let you know how she is doing. This has been allot easier than we all expected and she is part of the family. Kyle





Carrie Olson:                             06-10-08
Hello!! Barron is doing great! We started calling him Little One since he is so little. I think he is more used to the nickname!! I was just looking at your website, and we are wondering about maybe getting him a little brother or sister in July!! He would love it, and we would too. We will keep on checking your website to see what is going on with the new litter. Keep us in mind though!! We (Shawn, Little One, and me) would love to get another one!!

Thanks again!



Hi Jodi;
Just thought you might like an update on Annie. She is just fantastic and we love her so much. She is very cute and cuddley. She acts like she has always lived here. She is a great walker, car ridder and gets along with all the other dogs and farm animals. She is too cute for words. We just adore her. We feel very fortunate to have purchased such a great little dog. Thank you.



The Larsen Family from Oregon:                     05-13-08
I wanted to tell Jodi how much we are enjoying our toy poodle, Oliver. My two sons love him so much! Even our older dog Woody has grow to love him. Oliver keeps him young! We've taken him to visit at the Elementary school several times to show him off. He's famous there! He is doing great and we feel so lucky to have him. ~Thank You~


Ivan and Jennifer Winder:                             04-13-08
Both of us feel the same way when we think of our experience with Jodi and her business. She has been above and beyond professional and helpful. With Chip's help we were able to breed and produce a strong line of Chocolate (Brown) poodles. The results were more than we expected. Jodi helped us through the whole process. She took her time with us and really helped us breed our baby girl for the first time with positive results. We were worried on how to do everything and Jodi was there all along the way. The results have been greater than we expected and we owe a ton to Jodi for that. She was willing to share here experiences and guided us with all the details. I highly recommend anyone to work with Jodi. She is fair, professional and truly demonstrates a love for all dogs which is most important.





Michelle Jones:                                04-04-2008

Jodi's stud Chocolate Chip was bred to my Kyah. Jodi was extremely nice and pleasant to work with---she even offered to help me whelp the puppies. Chip is a fantastic little poodle that I am expecting some really outgoing, beautiful little puppies from.
Thanks Jodi!




sarah:                                               04-01-2008
Hello! I just wanted to say how much I love my little yellow Lab Bo. He's incredibly smart and is probably the cutiest puppy on the planet. Thank you, thank you, thank you big grin


Our lab puppy, Daisy, is doing wonderful. She is growing well and is very smart and eager to learn. Everyone comments on how she is so beautiful. Thanks for all your help and the information to get us going. big grin The Tureson Family


Mark Miller:                    01-30-2008
My new Lab puppy Marley is doing great and getting settled in.Thank you for being so helpful and keeping me updated with her trip to Seattle. Looking forward to having a fun summer with her. Mark


Peggy Liebert:                         01/20/2007
Luke is doing great in his new home with our two other dogs. He arrived without any problems and took to us as soon as I took him from his crate. He is sleeping in the large crate with our other two dogs and they seem to love him. He gets pushed around a bit but he pushes right back. We really love him and thank you so much for sending him to our home. He did fall in the lake last week and swam his heart out until I rescued him. I guess he will be a swimmer like our other mini. Looking forward to summer so we can play with him in the pool with our other swimmer. Peggy


Lindsay Daniels:

Jack is doing great. We brought him home Christmas Eve and he didn't even cry that night, making it a total surprise for my kids. He is really smart, active, and good natured. He has a beautiful coat. He loves to play fetch, explore, and follow everyone around. He is great with my kids, even in this feisty period. We are teaching him how to ring a bell when he has to go potty and he does it most of the time. Thank you Jodi for all your helpful information and constant puppy updates. You are great to work with. When we are ready to get Jack a friend, I will definitely come to you again.







dale garrett:


Zack is the a very smart active boy, he fetches and go to the potty outside almost always. he has not been without me even for 5 minutes since i picked him up. he is great






Elaine:                                                                                             01-18-2007
I adopted my Hannah from Bonnie Blue. She is a gorgeous, active puppy thay I am so very gald to have in my life. The whole adoption process was fantastic. There is NO better than Jodi. THANKS






Tina McIntosh:                                                    01/09/2007
Jodi, just a note to say thank you for making our Christmas a very special. You were so helpful and informative with all of my questions and all of my numerous emails. I do not know how many breeders would meet a new owner at the airport Christmas, thanks for that. Buddy is doing great. He has been a great addition to our family. Take care.




Amy deMik:                                                                    12-29-2006
Jodi, thank you so much for being such a helpful breeder! Our little girl has been named DAISY by our children. She is such a good natured and SMART little puppy. And you made the whole process so wonderful! We'll send pictures of her soon!
Best of luck with the Spring Litter! And thanks again for all of the care that you took with us and our sweetheart.