Puppies go from our laps to yours.


1. We do not sell to pet shops, puppy mills, agents, or brokers. We only sell directly to the actual prospective buyers. We reserve the right to refuse sale/adoption to anyone we deem unable to properly care for one of our dogs according to our puppy/dog ownership requirements.

2. Our dogs will live inside your house. They are not 'OUTSIDE DOGS'.

3. You have a fenced yard. You will never 'chain' or 'tether' your dog outside or let him/her run free in the neighborhood.

    3a. If you are an apartment dweller you must always take your dog outside on a leash for the dogs own protection.

4. You will keep your dog current on all vaccinations & preventative veterinarian care through out his/her life.

5. You will be a responsible pet owner & spay or neuter your puppy BEFORE he/she is 6 months old.

6. You will NEVER turn your dog into a shelter. Notify us if you feel you can no longer provide a home for your dog & we will always help you place your dog in a good home.

7. You will have proper identification on your dogs collar at all times in case your dog accidentally gets separated from you. I highly recommend microchipping your puppy.

8. You will never 'strike', 'hit', 'thump' or 'tap' your puppy. Striking a puppy is the same as striking a human baby. All this teaches them is aggression & to fear you. Positive Reinforcement always works better than negative reinforcement.

9. You will never feed your puppy/dog 'grocery store' type puppy/dog food. Any food that can be purchased in a grocery store is not considered a Premium Dog Food, no matter what the bag states.  We believe Premium Dog Foods are superior to other dog foods that are available. If you would like us to we will provide you with a list of acceptable brand of premium dog/puppy foods.


New Owner Signature & Date




Please print, sign & email to me along with your purchase agreement/guarantee & deposit.