Puppies go from our laps to yours.


All of our puppies are always sold as pets and family companions. Since you purchased your puppy as a pet and family companion you are required to have your puppy spayed or neutered at your expense BEFORE 6 months of age. If you are looking for a dog to add to your breeding program you will need to let me know since breeding rights are not included in the pet/companion prices that are listed in the doodle nursery.


Upon arrival of your puppy to it's new home, you have 3 Business Days to have your puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian. Bonnie Blue Doodles places a 2 (two) year guarantee on each of it's puppies against life thereatening defects. This policy shall include a grade 3 or larger heart murmur, a liver shunt that may develop, and/or moderate to severe hip dysplasia. FACTORS NOT COVERED; hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), reproduction disorders, undescended testicles, umbilical hernia, mange, or loose patella. If a LIFE THREATENING DEFECT is detected & documented by a licensed veterinarian the puppy will be neutered at the owner's expense, & we will give you another puppy of the same value free of charge when one becomes available (shipping at owner's expense). We do not EVER give any CASH REFUNDS. Your puppy must be current on all vaccinations, wormings, etc. This needs to be documented by a licensed veterinarian for this guarantee to be enforced. All documented medical findings must be provided by your vet to Bonnie Blue Doodles. Bonnie Blue Doodles is not financially responsible for any veterinarian expense the owner may incur. Bonnie Blue Doodles will also have to have proof of the dog food & diet your puppy/dog is being fed. Most skin issues along with most stomach stomach disorders are usually caused by the dogs diet & surroundings.   


Bonnie Blue Doodles is not responsible for any viruses a puppy may encounter in his/her new enviroment (influenza, parvo virus, pneumonia, distemper, etc.). Puppies will leave Bonnie Blue Doodles healthy and current on all puppy vaccinations & wormings. It is the new owners responsibility & expense to continue with the current vaccination & worming regime. It is required that you do not take your puppy to any public places (dog park, play park, professional groomer, around your friend's dogs, to the pet store, etc.) until all puppy shots are administered. Also, when you take your puppy to the vet make sure he/she doesn't come in contact with any sick dogs or be put down on the vet's floor until all his/her puppy shots have been administered. You also want to make sure the exam table was throughly cleaned and sanitized before you place your puppy on it. Unprotected puppies pick up diseases very easily.


It is also required for new owners to continue feeding your puppy a Premium Puppy Formula Dog Food until he/she is at least one year old to have the health guarantee be valid. At one year of age you will then change your dog to a Premium Adult Formula Dog Food. It is always required to only use a Premium Brand Dog Food & never a 'grocery store' brand for the entire life of your dog. Many health problems and skin issues can be prevented if your puppy/dog is fed a premium, all natural & grain free diet. We exclusively feed our dogs Premium Adult Dog Foods. We can provide you with a list of acceptable Premium Puppy and Adult Dog Foods for you to choose from. 


Each puppy will come to you with at least one veterinarian check plus be current on all vaccinations & wormings.


To place a deposit to hold a puppy please call or text me at 208-404-3852. Then print this page, sign & date it, enclose a USPS Money Order, or a PayPal receipt for the puppy deposit. I do not sell puppies to people that I have not at least spoken to over the phone.


Cost of Puppy___$__________________________________________________

Shipping Costs __$__________________________________________________

Non-refundable Deposit__$__500.00____________________________________

Balance due prior to possession__$____________________________________



Bonnie Blue Doodles, George & Jodi Carlin, Twin Falls, Idaho area.